Clinical Science of Nutrition

Nursing Practices in Enteral Nutrition


Nutrition Support Unit, Hacettepe Adult Hospital, Ankara, Turkey


Department of Child Health and Diseases Nursing, Health Sciences University Gülhane Faculty of Nursing, Ankara, Turkey


Department of Internal Diseases Nursing, Hacettepe University Faculty of Nursing, Ankara, Turkey


Nutrition Support Unit, Dr. Abdurrahman Yurtaslan Ankara Oncology Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey


MH- 1 General Hospital Education Nursing Unit, Ankara State Hospital, Ankara, Turkey


Nutrition Support Unit, Ankara State Hospital, Ankara, Turkey

Clin Sci Nutr 2020; 2: 1-14
DOI: 10.5152/ClinSciNutr.2020.984
Read: 568 Downloads: 263 Published: 16 July 2020

Enteral nutrition is the preferred route of nutrition when patients have a functioning gastrointestinal tract but are unable to meet their requirements orally. In terms of patient safety and quality of life, it is important that enteral nutrition must be administered by the nutrition team consisting of experienced interdisciplinary health professionals. Members of the nutrition team should have up-to-date knowledge and skills to monitor and evaluate the patients during the enteral feeding process and prevent the development of complications. The nurse, as a member of the team, has important responsibilities, such as correct and safe enteral nutrition practices, care of the enteral nutrition route, and follow-up of patients in accordance with the guidelines.

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